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What is Prediabetes?

Having prediabetes means your blood glucose (sugar) level is higher than normal, but not enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. Nearly 90% of adults have prediabetes and don’t know they have it
You are at high risk for prediabetes based on the following criteria:

Hba1c (5.7-6.4%)
Fasting blood glucose (100-125 mg/dl)
Oral glucose tolerance test (140-199 mg/dl)
History of gestational diabetes
BMI greater or equal to 25

If you think you may have or be at high risk for prediabetes or diabetes, please contact your doctor.

Check out this article about Prediabetes: By Dr. Chris Fan M.D.

“If you figure that seven to 10 percent of Americans have diabetes, another seven to 10 percent you’re not far from half,” Fan said.

Although the definition of diabetes and the criteria for being diagnosed have not changed, more Americans are living – or will soon live with – the chronic condition.

“As our collective waistline expands, more people are becoming diabetic or pre-diabetic,” Fan said. Another challenge is that not everyone is diligent about going to their family doctor for screenings and blood tests that can indicate the disease. “A lot of times people don’t even realize they have the condition,” he said.

As with most health issues, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications. “It’s natural for people not to want to take drugs – especially if it involves an injection,” Fan said. “But you’re better off starting treatment early than waiting until you have no choice.”

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