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Time To Take Inventory!

  •  Posted 09/29/2015

Thoughts of her health and making herself a priority were not part of her daily life. Now her girls are grown and on their own...

Jesse's Story

  •  Posted 09/08/2015
  •  Lifestyle

Jesse starts his story at a weight of 437 lbs. Through surgery, drastically changing his eating habits, and exercise, he was able to lose 187 lbs. 

Calories Under The Microscope

  •  Posted 09/08/2015
  •  "Nutrition Facts"

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, it really does matter where your calories come from.

Made of Tough Midwestern Stock

  •  Posted 09/08/2015

Bill told me he was 51 years old when diabetes turned his world upside down.  

Tarrah's Story

  •  Posted 09/08/2015
  •  goals, moderation, setting

"I made little changes each week, building on the week before. "