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Tarrah's Story

  • Posted 09/08/2015
  • goals, moderation, setting

Growing up with extra weight was not easy. Even though I was active, I was always a "bigger" girl. Then after high school, not being as active, I put on more extra weight. In my late twenties, I decided enough was enough. I had tried all the "fad diets" and like most of us, the weight came off and then eventually came back on. I was also tired of spending tons of money on a "quick" fix. Slowly, I began to change my view on food and "diets" and began working on making little changes, that would stick.
I researched food combinations and how eating was actually key to losing weight, than NOT eating or excluding a particular food group. I began to realize that fueling our bodies with foods that are from "the ground" was also key. Every week, I set a goal for myself, whether it was to drink water instead of soda or choosing mustard instead of mayo. I made little changes each week, building on the week before.
Before I knew it, the little changes turned into bigger changes and the weight started to come off and stay off!
I was enjoying healthier foods and the foods I ate before, no longer tasted as good as I remember. I no longer lived to eat but rather I was eating to live. Healthy choices became second nature. Sometimes it took more than a week, but once I felt I could add another lifestyle change, I did. Today, I eat breakfast (protein, carbohydrate, and a fruit (natural sugar) , lunch (protein, veggie, and possibly a little treat), dinner (protein, carbohydrate, veggie and fruit) and I snack.
I have learned I can have anything I want, just in moderation. I went from 195 to 130 in 6 months and that was 10 years ago. I have been blessed with two babies and with both pregnancies I gained around 60-70 pounds. Yes, I probably over indulged but I was confident that I would lose it again. And I did, just by going back to the basics, "Eating" healthily and incorporating exercising. Learning to live with moderation and not feeling deprived. Life is NOT a fad, so why try the new one. I encourage everyone to start making little changes in their lives and soon it will change your life!