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Time To Take Inventory!

  • Posted 09/29/2015

Before Patty knew it she was an empty nester. How did this happen? Time goes so fast. Chasing after kids and preparing family meals was routine. Thoughts of her health and making herself a priority were not part of her daily life. Now her girls are grown and on their own. It's time to take inventory!

Patty was not in horrible shape. Exercise and diet have made their appearance in her life throughout the years, but nothing really ever became a lifestyle change. Easy meals and exuses of why she didnt have time to workout were common place. "Whats with this belly fat?" She asked herself. "Why doesnt it ever go away even when I'm dieting and working out?" She soon realized she needed to do some research.

Patty is a nurse and is educated in nutrition, but applying that knowledge to herself was easier said than done. Understanding that the types of food she eats and her portion sizes were key to success! Patty has a sweet tooth, realizing that sugar was her belly fat friend she decided to kick it to the curb! She soon realized that sugar is in everything! Patty loves food and enjoys eating, how was she going to reduce her sugar intake and still enjoy food was going to be a challenge. She researched sweetners that were not artificial and would not raise her blood sugar. Stevia sweetner was the winner.

Patty made some small changes, she cut the cream out of her coffee and switched from sugar to stevia in her coffee too! She figured out that there was almost always a healthy repacement for her favorite foods that were not so healthy. Having a craving for an unhealthy food became a challange for Patty to replace it with a great tasting healthy alternative.

When it came to exercise she soon understood that interval training and light weight lifting were great for weight loss. She discovered mobile apps that helped her with her exercise routine and met her daughter at the gym to lift weights. Not only was she doing something good for her body, she was spending quality time with her daughter at the same time! As a nurse Patty helps patients learn how to lower their blood sugar levels while at the same time lose weight. She encourages small steps to eventually reach big goals! 
Patty lost a total of 12 pounds in 6 months and made the lifestyle changes she encourages her patients to do.

Recently she had surgery and the doctor was excited at how well and fast she healed. Patty and her doctor believe that healthy food choices and regular exercise played the biggest part in this! The body performs at a higher level when you take care of it. Patty would like you to check out some of the websites listed below to learn more about making small changes for big results!

Patty would like you to learn more about how to make similar lifestyle changes. Please check out these websites: